Grandma’s Basement

Grandma's Basement

I took this picture as part of a Basic Photography class, where the assignment was a low-light situation that required a time exposure.  Everyone can relate to this picture in some way: visiting your grandparent’s house, and exploring the cellar, attic or some unused upstairs bedroom closet.  They are typically poorly lit and crammed with items that are unfamiliar to you, but its exciting in a museum sort of way.   What is all of this stuff, how did they use it, and most importantly, why are they saving it?  The baby scale on the top shelf.  The oddly colored tin containers, and the “Premium Saltines” can.  Haven’t they ever heard of Tupperware?   Kerosene lanterns.  seriously?   A porcelain wash tub.   A plaid tin box with carrying handles that looks like a picnic basket I’ve seen in Life Magazine.  Wooden boxes of nails and screws, and other odds and ends.  Lots of dust too.  Oh, wait!   This is MY basement.

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