Prague (Praha)

Prague is a beautiful city, especially the Old Town, rich in history and culture.  Sometimes referred to as the “Paris of eastern Europe”, meals, lodging and entertainment certainly reflect metropolitan areas of western Europe.

Prague Castle

This photo, taken at sunrise, does not do justice to the size of this castle; a wide-angle lens is needed to capture the full width of the complex.  The castle grounds cover several square blocks; its actually an entire city within the walls.  It is the largest castle in the world still in use.  Built in the 1300’s, it is still used as the seat of government.  The twin spires in the upper left belong to St. Vitus Cathedral.  The arches of the “New Bridge” are in the right foreground.  The old bridge was disintegrating, so King Charles commissioned a new bridge be built in the 1300’s, the one in the picture.

Thought for the day:  I don’t have a photograph, but you can have my footprints.  They’re upstairs in my socks.   Groucho Marx

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