Czech Humor

I didn’t find the Czech’s to be particularly outgoing, they weren’t unfriendly, but definitely more reserved than the Germans.  And the Irish, well they’re in a league by themselves when it comes to “open and friendly”.   But, the Czech’s sense of humor was evident — at least I found some humor in a few sights.

Hang in There

 This caught my eye and I immediately called it “Hang in There”; I thought the caption worked well for a “get well” card or something.   I used this photo in a card I sent to my friend, who happens to be of Czech descent.  He informed me that this was a semi-famous piece of artwork called “Hang  in There”.     Oooops.  (but its still funny)

VERY valuable doormat

I don’t know if this was a joke or a genuine effort to discourage doormat thieves, but it sure tickled my funny bone.

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