Prague – Old Town

The Old Town Square is full of street vendors and musicians, surrounded by shops, cafes and churches, and serves as the meeting place for natives and touists alike.  Its the perfect place to “people watch”.

Easy Rider
This little girl was very comfortable riding her bike in the Old Town Square, moving in and around the pedestrians and not intimidated by the hustle and bustle around her.
Asking Directions
At this point, I thought she was asking for directions, but I believe the man in the blue shirt is her father.
Free Pretzels?
The Old Town Square is lined with open air, side walk cafes.  I thought this scene of the one-legged man talking on his cell phone, while waiting for his beer was particularly poignant.
Camoflaged Pigeon
Pigeons are everywhere.  This one caught my attention because he had to move to be seen; if he stood in one place he was almost invisible the way he blended in with the cobblestones.  He was probably part of a highly trained unit of special force pigeons, adept in covert operations designed to keep the Old Town Square free of bread crumbs.
Big Red Fan?
The Old Town Square even had Husker fans.
Thought for the day Dream as if you’ll live forever and live as if you’ll die tomorrow.  James Dean

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