Where’s Waldo?

Quiet Time

Early morning, two blocks off the Old Town Square in Prague where we were staying, I stepped into the street and saw that the coffee cafe across the street was open for business.  After taking this picture, I struck up a conversation with the lady, thinking she might be the owner.  I greeted her in Czech and she greeted me in heavily accented English.  She must have known right away that her English would be better than my Czech–no problem there.  Or, maybe it was my camera and my attire that tipped her off; to her I probably looked like the American version of “Two Wild and Crrrazy Guys”, the Czech playboys from Saturday Night Live.

I asked if I could pet her dog, and she said sure, go ahead, but about that time, the dog gets up and runs off.   Oh well.   So, I asked her what the dog’s name was, and she told me “Waldo”.   Hmmm, the dog is nowhere in sight.  “Like Where’s Waldo?”, I asked.   “No”, she said, as if she wanted to return to her paper, coffee and quiet time, “its short for Ralph Waldo Emerson.”   She didn’t get the joke.

Thought for the dayDo not protect yourself by a fence, but rather by your friends.   Czech Proverb

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