Black Hills, South Dakota

Altogether, I was in the Black Hils area for a week, five days with the fam and two days visiting our friends, Chuck and Karen, who now live in South Dakota.

Karen and Chuck Loomis

 Chuck and Karen took us along the Needles Highway through Black Hills State Park.

Verna and Larry

It was such a pretty stop, we had our picture taken too.

Wine Cones

This is one of those pictures that just happens when you’re not really looking for a picture.  One evening, we were relaxing on “the point”, where Chuck and Karen like to look out over their forested acreage north of Rapid City.  Chuck put his wine glass down, and the scene hit me like a bolt of lightning.  The fine stemware looked so out of place on the rugged hillside, I thought it made an interesting composition.

Other photos from the Black Hills are shown below:

Thought for the day:  The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.  Ralph Waldo Emerson

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