Iowa Windmills

I like the windmills in Iowa.  They seem to be scattered randomly, mixed in with the variety of crops grown in the area.  They are not on a “windmill farm” per se where they’re all packed together tightly in neat rows like I’ve seen in California and other places, each one of them identical to the one on either side, as if they were “planted” and the energy is “harvested”.   The Iowa windmills are individuals, each with their own personality defined by their own separate landscape.  The Iowa windmills are not obtrusive.  These gigantic pinwheels are engineering marvels backdropped by rural agricultural scenes that include old barns, old wind-driven water wells, neatly attended farm houses, and crops of all kinds.

Windmills at Dawn

This scene is near Walnut, Iowa at sunrise.   The windmills appear to be close together, but they are really not.   I used a telephoto lens (300 mm) which compresses the area in focus and makes them appear close together.

Thought for the dayWhen the chips are down the buffalo is empty.

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