Newport, Oregon

Newport, Oregon is a coastal town with a rich history of commercial fishing.  Unlike many towns along the Oregon coast, Newport, so far at least, has been overlooked as a tourist attraction.  Maybe being there in November had something to do with my impression, but the bay front area didn’t give me any sense of a tourist trap.   While there were a few shops that obviously catered to tourists, I felt like I was in a small fishing village that depended on the catch of the day to fuel its economy.  Nothing in the harbor but commercial fishing boats, no pleasure craft;  yeah, it was November, but I didn’t see much empty dock space either.  Everything on the waterfront looked like it was necessary for making a living.   I was fascinated by the seemingly infinite ways to use rope.  Interesting place.

Thought for the dayScratch a dog and you’ll find a permanent job.

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