Manna from Heaven

Manna from Heaven

I’ve been learning what layer masks are all about in post processing, and find them to be a very useful tool for making minor adjustments to certain parts of an image without disturbing the rest of the image.  In this photo, I used a layer mask to create a whole new effect, by layering (stacking) two different images.  I layered an image of a cloudy sky on top of an image of canned produce.   I made the top layer, the cloud image, a “layer mask”; the image of canned produce was underneath the clouds and couldn’t be seen.   Then, I  “erased” parts of the cloud layer in various opacities (degrees of transparency) until the canned produce appeared to be coming through the clouds. 

The canned produce was made by Don & Liz, friends of mine, and was so beautifully done that I had to take pictures of it.  The beauty of this homemade gift inspired me to present it as “heavenly”. 

Thought for the dayA woman drove me to drink and I hadn’t even the courtesy to thank her.   W. C. Fields

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