Dog Lover’s Valentine

Be Mine


In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I have designed this card using the sayings that are found on the little candy hearts.  As Cliff Claven would say in his Boston accent to anyone who would listen to him at the “Cheers” bar, ” Uh. Its a little known fact that the messages on the little candy hearts has been a holiday tradition dating back to the Civil War.”  Yeh, Cliff, that’s right.  NECCO (New England Confectionery Company), the company that started the tradition in 1847, is still in business today, making eight billion little candy hearts for each Valentines Day.   The original messages were put on colored paper and placed in crisp candies shaped like a scallop.  The messages were much longer then; e.g. “Please send a lock of your hair by return mail” or “How long shall I have to wait?  Pray be considerate”.  In 1866, the founder’s brother invented the process of printing directly on the candy.

I designed the card for dog lovers.  If you’re a cat lover, sorry, you’re on your own.

Thought for the dayLife is a flower of which love is the honey.  Victor Hugo

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