Hamburg Rathaus

Sometimes it takes awhile to notice something or get to like something, like acquiring a taste for a certain food or drink.  For example, they say scotch is an acquired taste.  Acquired taste?  What does that mean?!   How do you acquire a taste for something that triggers the gag reflex everytime it touches your mouth?  Do you spit it out until your tastebuds get numb enough to swallow??  Personally, I think scotch is the main ingredient for Easy Off oven cleaner.  But, I digress.

This picture has been on my screen saver for over a year now.  I don’t know why it even made my screen saver, it certainly wasn’t an “oh wow!” shot for me.  I’ve never thought too much about it, but everytime it comes up on the screen I like it better.  When I first took the shot I thought it would be scrapbook-worthy, but nothing special.  Not that its anything special now, either, but I’ve “acquired a taste for it”.  

Why do I like this picture, other than it documents some place I’ve been?  I like the arches and the repeating shapes of the massive columns that give the photo depth.  The subdued lighting is interesting and has a relaxing effect on me.  The scale of the room is provided by the people in the foreground.  I don’t recall making any concious adjustments for the low lighting when I took the picture, but this is an accurate picture of how I remember the lighting.   I must have lucked out on this one.

By the way, a Rathaus is something akin to our City Hall, not a home for disgusting rodents, unless you’re talking about the government bureaucrat type.  Its where the city conducts a lot of its business — you know, like issue parade permits, license your dog and collect taxes.  In Germany, the Rathaus is generally found on the town square in the center of the city.

Thought for the dayHave you noticed that a slight tax increase costs you two hundred dollars and substantial tax cut saves you thirty cents?

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