Guiding Light

Guiding Light

This photo was taken in a seaside forest along the northern coast of Oregon, just south of Astoria.  We had never been on this path before, not sure what we’d find around the bend among 100′ tall Sitka Pines, but sure we would find Fort Clatsop before we came to the ocean.  Fort Clatsop is where Lewis and Clark hunkered down for the winter after their 2,000 mile trek from St. Louis, figuring they needed a little R&R before returning.  The forest is so thick that the sunlight barely reaches the forest floor, but there was plenty of filtered light guiding the way.

I love this picture for a lot of reasons.  Its a tranquil scene, yet full of vibrant life.  Calming and relaxing yet somewhat mysterious the way the path bends out of sight.  The overhanging branches forming a natural trellis over the path.  The interlacing of the delicate foliage, like Mother Nature’s doily.  The shadows on the path reassured us that the sun was still high in the sky; the “God lights” coming through the top of the trees reminding me what an insignificant part I play in the grand scheme. 

I couldn’t help but wonder how Lewis and Clark felt in this same forest over 200 years ago.  I know one thing:  they had plenty of fire wood.

Thought for the dayTrust in God, but tie your camel tight.    Arab Proverb

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