Student of the Game

Student of the Game

The warm spring weather we’ve had the last couple of days really has my “trigger finger” itching to shoot some sports action photos.  I know the teams have been practicing, trying to knock off the rough edges and get in shape.  So have I, checking and organizing my equipment, as well has practicing action shots of just about anything that moves. 

Looking in my archives from previous seasons, I came upon this photo, which speaks volumes about our culture.  It screams, “WE LOVE SPORTS!”   Look at his full uniform, equipment bag hanging on the fence, and fancy glove sitting on the bench.  We put a lot of emphasis on sports, even at an early age. 

This picture reminds me why I love youth sports.  Its not always the shot on goal, the play at home plate, or the diving touchdown catch that excites me, although these are the “memories” that get recorded in the scrapbooks.  Its the human factor, like this little guy playing in the dirt during the game, taking a break from the parental pressure, peer pressure, and boredom of fielding.  A great action shot is when the ball is stopped at the point of impact, but my favorites are the ones that remind me, “They’re just kids.”

 Thought for the daySerious sport has nothing to do with fair play.  It is bound up with hatred,  jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of all rules and sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence: in other words it is war minus the shooting.   George Orwell

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