Put Out to Pasture

Put Out to Pasture

I found this old gal parked in the corner of a pasture where two gravel roads intersect somewhere in Northwest Iowa.  She had been retired or “put out to pasture” for quite some time.  Like an old plow horse that faithfully responds to her owner’s daily commands, the plow eventually becomes too heavy for the horse’s aching muscles and tired frame.  Being of little use to the farmer, the horse is put out to  pasture.   Now, at her leisure, the old plow horse can relax and choose when to eat and sleep.  

The close-up image of the fender lights has been worked over pretty good in post processing, going way over board on the conrast, saturation and detail, trying to emphasize the advance stages of decay and neglect.  The chrome trim around the lights is the only part unaffected by rust.   The old gal still has some sparkle left.

This old gal is the same car I blogged about in an earlier post, called “Be Prepared”.   That photo showed the better side of her, the front side, with a smirk on her face, as if being put out to pasture gave her the last laugh.

Thought for the dayA bumble bee is considerably faster than a John Deere tractor.  Old Farmer’s Advice.

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