The Ugly Duckling

Mom and 10 Ducklings

 The story of the ugly duckling is about one who is different from the rest.   Hmmm, which one is the ugly duckling in this photo?   In the children’s story, all of the ducklings look alike except for one, who is cast as an outsider because he is different, he is therefore, ugly.  Maybe the author was trying to exaggerate the visual difference of the ugly duckling to emphasize the point to his young audience.

In this real life brood, all ten of the ducklings are “different”; I don’t see any uniform color or markings in this batch.  Maybe these ducks are mutts, you know, the Heinz 57 Variety of duckdom.  All of them are unique in their own way, which I guess is the moral of the story. 

The only oddball I see in this brood is the one out in front of mom, the one trying to escape or at least paddle out of the scene, the one who didn’t get the message to fall-in behind mom.  There’s always that ten percent that don’t follow instructions, that don’t listen, that make it hard on everybody else–even in the animal kingdom. 

One thing is for sure, mama duck is proud of each and every one of them — she is beaming!

Thought for the DayWhenever in a tight situation, act like a duck.  Be cool, calm and collected on the surface, while you paddle like hell underneath. 

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