Wild Pitch

Eye on the Ball
This post will open the flood gates of sports action photos; after weeks of rain outs, cold weather and postponements, the little league baseball season officially got underway this past weekend.   I attended two ball games and took over 400 photos at each game, so my “pantry” of photos is quickly being restocked.
This particular photo was at a game of 8/9 year olds.  I was amazed at the concentration this young catcher showed in this shot.  The pitchers aren’t too accurate at this age, so the catchers really don’t have a clue as to where the pitch is coming.   They have to be quick as cats to even get a glove on the ball, most of which can’t even be reached by the batters.  I’m thankful for backstops at this age, especially ones that are only about ten feet behind the catcher, otherwise the poor catcher would be spending all day chasing wild pitches down the street.
This pitch was high and inside to the right hand batter, but the catcher never took his eye off the ball and was able to snag it.  The ball was actually behind the batter, but the catcher still caught it.   Just getting a glove on it was an accomplishment, but he caught it!  I guess that’s why he is called the “catcher”.
Thought for the Day:   It was impossible to get a conversation going, everybody was talking too much.  Yogi Berra

2 thoughts on “Wild Pitch

  1. The “thought for the day” you add to your photos are priceless. Love this photo…I too am swept into Little League with 7 year-old grandson. Great photo-ops for sure 🙂


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