Player of the Week

Meet Adam, Player of the Week, who plays for the White Sox in the Elkhorn Baseball League.  Son of Caleb and Erin Hunt,  Adam is a fourth grader at Hillrise Elementary in Elkhorn.  His favorite subject is history.
10 year old pitcher
How would you like to be standing in the batter’s box waiting for a pitch from Adam?  It would certainly test your nerves.   His delivery is very deliberate, which gives the batters more time to question their commitment to the game.  His control is superb, making the catcher’s job look easy.  After a couple of pitches from Adam, you can see that the batters had better come to the plate ready to swing the bat; bat racks pretending to be hitters are quickly dispatched.
Easy put-out at First Base

Adam is a right-handed pitcher, but bats from the left side.  He also plays first base, and presents a large target for the other infielders.  When Adam isn’t playing baseball, he enjoys soccer and fishing.  He must like football too, because his favorite player is Tim Tebow.

Other photos of Adam can be found here or by clicking “Larry’s Website” at the top of this page.   From the home page go to Sports> 2011 Baseball – 9/10 year olds> White Sox vs Royals.   Adam’s photos are numbers 23-37, 48-50, 53-57, 126 and 231.
Thought for the DayIf you can’t imitate him, don’t copy him.  Yogi Berra

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