Player of the Week

Solid Contact

Meet Zach, Player of the Week, a well-rounded athlete who plays baseball for the Elkhorn Storm.  Zach, 11, is  a  fifth grader at West Dodge Elementary where science and math are his favorite subjects.  He is the son of Scott and Amy.  His season batting average is .296 with an on-base percentage of .477.

Bringin' Heat

Zach is a solid contributor to his team’s pitching staff; either starting or working in relief, his strike outs are as reliable as rising taxes.  When he’s on the mound its no more “mister nice guy”.

The Stretch

When not on the mound, you can find Zach at first base.  Occaisionally, his strong arm is needed in the outfield, but he pitches and plays first base most of the time.

Good Form

This is just one of a seven-photo sequence showing Zach’s pitching motion; this photo and the rest of the sequence can be found here, starting with photo #184 (found on page 10 of this gallery).  Zach’s other interests besides baseball include basketball, football and reading.  His favorite player is Ndamakung Suh.

As much as Zach enjoys sports, he is already looking beyond his playing days and says he would like to be an environmental engineer.  Another interesting note about Zach is that he was born in Costa Rica.  Muy bueno, muchacho!

Thought for the DayBaseball is a skilled game.  It’s America’s game — it and high taxes.   Will Rogers

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