Hot Diggedy Dog!

Memorial Day


Memorial Day.  The official start of summer fun: Hot Dogs, school is out, picnic, family reunions, launching the boat for the summer, camp fires, Hot Dogs, swimming in a lake, baseball, mowing the grass, farmer’s market, Hot Dogs, roasting marshmellows, family vacation, fishing, catching lightning bugs, mosquitoes, sun block, Hot Dogs, digging for worms, peanuts at the ball game, Hot Dogs, rodeos, seeing your cousins that live far away, smoking ribs, fireworks, parades, no coats, thunder storms, Hot Dogs, inner tubes, tubing down the river, mustard & ketchup, Hot Dogs, drive-in movies, air-conditioned shopping malls, Hot Dogs, cannon balls, hanging out with friends, pulling weeds, Hot Dogs, bare feet, shorts & t-shirt, charcoal, ice chest, rope swings, Hot Dogs, historical markers, no school, smores, summer camp, Hot Dogs, grasshoppers, water balloons, coozies, Hot Dogs, croquet, home grown tomatoes, bull frogs, Hot Dogs, sun burn, county fairs, poison ivy, Hot Dogs, going to the farm, squirt guns, badminton, fire crackers, Hot Dogs, whiffle ball, boat dock, and watermelon.  Did I mention hot dogs?

STOP!   Take a minute and think about the meaning of Memorial Day.

Thought for the DayThe object of war is not to die for your country, but make the other bastard die for his.  General George Patton

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