Player of the Week

Power Hitter

Meet Jack Huffman, an eleven year old slugger that plays for the Gretna Legends.  He is a fifth grader at Rohwer Elementary, where math is his favorite subject.  He is the son of Todd and Amy Huffman.  Jack plays bigger than he is; he’s not big for his age, but he’s very strong for his size.  Notice how the bat is bending in this photo.

On the Mound

Jack pitches occasionally; he has good form and a strong arm.  You can see a nine-photo sequence of Jack’s pitching motion here, starting with photo #52 on page 3 of the gallery.


Jack’s favorite position is shortstop, but he also plays third base and outfield, any place to use his strong arm.  I watched him field a line-drive in deep center field and throw the batter out at first base.

Speedy Base Runner

Jack’s speed on the bases is evident; the plays at first are always close, and quite often Jack beats out the throw.  He puts a lot of pressure on the infielders.

Easy Steal

Base stealing and extra bases help his team be successful.

Waiting for the Pitch

Jack is an all-purpose baseball player, but he’s also a well-rounded person.  He lists his other interests as “wrestling, football and family”.  His favorite athlete is LaBron James, although Jack didn’t list basketball as one of his other interests.

Thought for the DayTry not to become a man of success, but rather to become a man of value.  Albert Einstein

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