The Most Interesting Boy in the World

Stay Thirsty, My Friends

World traveler, adventurer, his looks will disarm you, people hang on his every word, he is not afraid to show his feminine side … if he had one, school principals often question him just because they find him interesting, his personality is so magnetic that he is not allowed near credit cards, he never says something “tastes like chicken” … even if it is chicken, his reputation is expanding faster than his universe, he once had an awkward moment … just to see what it felt like, he lives vicariously through himself, he is a lover, not a fighter, he cures narcolepsy just by walking into a room, and his organ-donor card also lists his smile.  He IS the most interesting boy in the world.

Thought for the DayI could tell my parents hated me, my bath toys were a toaster and a radio.  Rodney Dangerfield

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