Little Brothers

Sharing the Catch

Two boys can have a lot of fun on a dock.  Barefoot, perfect weather, and free from daily chores, they can spend all day on the dock: fishing, sitting on the edge with their feet in the water, comparing tackle boxes, fishing, baiting hooks, changing bobbers, watching each other fish, day dreaming, fishing, sharing equipment, trading lures, whittling sticks, fishing, challenging each other (casting accuracy, casting distance, most fish caught, etc.), fishing, checking their bait, washing “fish pucky” off their hands,  skipping rocks, fishing, jumping off the dock to cool off, cannonballs and jackknives, and more fishing.  Even if they’re not fishing themselves, they feel the excitement of the strike, setting the hook and reeling in the catch.

Little Brother

Even watching after little brother can’t ruin a day on the dock …

Now What!?

… unless little brother tries to cast like the big boys.

Thought for the DayThere is a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.   Steven Wright

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