Need a Lift?

Need a Lift?

I attended a Balloon and Wine Fest over the weekend.  Gorgeous weather, so-so music, okay wine, and fabulous photo ops.  I’ve seen hot air balloons in the air before, singles and occasional doubles, but never a collection of balloons launching at the same time.  I really didn’t know what to expect.

This lady looked like she was calling a taxi; her body language told me she was upset.  She had that “If-you’re-not-here-in-ten-minutes …” look on her face.  Hundreds of spectators in lawn chairs less than 100 feet from her were craning their necks upward as other balloons slowly rose through the few low-lying clouds into the “sky blue yonder.”  All the other balloons had already launched and here she stood in the middle of a field with a basket but no balloon.   It wouldn’t be long before the launched balloons would be out of sight and she would become the center of attention — obviously not the kind of attention she was seeking.

Shortly after this shot was taken, a guy from across the field shows up with a balloon but no basket.  A short conversation takes place, a little guarded at first, their body language says this is the first time they’ve met.  She shrugs her shoulders as if to say, “Why Not?”, and they begin to attach his balloon to her basket.  In no time, they were off.  Just like that!  Loud cheers went up as the gallant knight rescued the damsel in distress.  I never saw them again.  The other balloons returned for the after-dark “glow”, but not this one.

Hmmm, was this a simple case of miscommunication, an elaborate hoax, or some serendipitous romance unfolding before my eyes … maybe a unique way to “pop the question”?   Up, up and away!

Thought for the DayEverybody likes to go their own way — to choose their own time and manner of devotion.   Jane Austen

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