This is a follow-up to the prior post called “White Elephant”.  I found a dealer at the flea market that was selling wooden boxes, that’s it, just wooden boxes.  Wooden boxes are a thing of the past, long since replaced by cardboard packaging, but wooden boxes are really neat.  They make good toy boxes, end tables, etc.  The craftsmanship that went into producing a wooden box is quite amazing, the corners are usually dovetailed for added strength.  The imprinting on the boxes make them all unique.

I had fun with this image.  I took one photo of the wooden boxes that were stacked haphazardly in the dealer’s booth.  Then I made multiple copies of the photo and applied different filters and distortions to each copy so that each piece of the collage would be a different representation of the stacked boxes.  This collage has 16 different versions of the same photo.

I think it came out fairly well, what do you think?

Thought for the DayTime’s fun when you’re having flies.   Kermit the Frog

2 thoughts on “Boxes

  1. I’ve always appreciated the craftsmanship in these old boxes…thanks for neat photo collage…and the great Thought For The Day. Kermit is a very wise frog.


  2. When we lived in England we bought a little cabinet, three drawers high, that was made from wooden wine crates. Each wine crate had been stamped with the type of wine, and these stamped pieces formed the front of the drawers. It is a very unique piece of furniture!
    Your collage is excellent, as is the quote!


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