Smash Mouth

Smash-Mouth Football

Now that Labor Day is behind me I can concentrate on football, my favorite sport — that is spectator sport.  Play football?   Are you kidding me!?  I could get hurt!  I played flag football in 7th and 8th grade and tackle football in 9th grade.  That was enough for me; I finally realized how important genetics were, and I got shortchanged on the muscle, size and speed genes.  I remember overhearing my 9th grade coach saying, “He may be small, but boy is he slow”.   But, I digress.

This photo is 8-9 year olds playing flag football.  As a photographer, the thing I like best about flag football is you can distinquish one player from another.  Without helmets, the players still have their own identity, and the facial expressions are priceless.

Yeah, these little guys are learning to be rough and tough with a take-no-prisoners mind set, but at this age, the roughness is usually by accident.  In this photo the ball carrier (middle) is being introduced to smash-mouth football by his own team mate.   Geez, wait ’til they get on opposing teams.

Thought for the DayFootball is not a contact sport — it is a collision sport.  Dancing is a contact sport.   Duffy Daugherty/ Michigan State

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