Sour Puss

funny face

Where do kids learn this stuff?!

At the end of each formal photo shoot involving little kids, especially where they were asked to sit still, smile, be nice, etc. I give them a chance to be themselves and ask them to show me their funny face.  For first-timers, who don’t know what a funny face is, they usually get coached by older siblings or goofy uncles standing behind me making faces.

But this was a candid shot with no coaching or suggestions.   He was interacting with his cousins, but nothing said about making faces.  Geez, I wonder when he’ll start cussing?

Thought for the DayWhen I was born the doctor took one look at my face, turned me over and said, “Look, twins!”   Rodney Dangerfield

One thought on “Sour Puss

  1. When I try to take pictures of the grandchildren, they always want to make a funny face. I tell them they have to pose once with nice faces, then they can pose once with funny faces. That seems to satisfy their urge to ham it up!


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