Who are these guys?   I wonder who they belong to anyway.  It certainly can’t be any of my relation.  Geez, who would let their kids get haircuts like that … and during the school year no less.

This weekend, I had the good fortune of attending my uncle’s 90th birthday celebration.  What a great get-together; I only wish my 91.5 year old mother could have made the 5 hour trip with me to see her younger brother.  It was a great time to see my aunt, uncle, cousins and their families.

My uncle’s good friend also turned 90 this week, so there was a joint celebration at the town’s community center.  I didn’t know the guy, let alone any of his family, and I didn’t know for sure who my own cousin’s kids and grandkids were either.  I quickly satisfied myself that the entire younger generation wasn’t going to pot, as these three young lads were the only oddballs in the place; all of the rest of the young people looked normal.  Obviously, these punks belonged to my uncle’s friend.

I observed that the three Mohican-wannabees were polite and well-behaved, and that my safety really wasn’t at risk, so after a while, I got the nerve to ask the boys if I could take their picture.  Surely, I can use this as a gag photo somewhere.  All three of the boys were very cooperative, and I could tell that their parents had taught them manners well enough, but hadn’t paid much attention to the “well-groomed” category.  Oh well, maybe their parents can take a few minutes out of their busy schedule and get the boys straightened out before they get to high school, get in the wrong crowd, start stealing hubcaps, get a rap sheet, become hardend criminals, go to prison, become a burden to society, etc.  C’mon now, don’t let your imagination get the best of you.  Take it easy.

After I took the shot, I asked the boys who they were related to.  They looked confused at first … it wasn’t a trick question.   Geez, don’t they know who they belong too?  Maybe that’s the problem.   So, I told them who I was and how I was related to my cousins and my uncle.   Why is that relevant?, they surely must belong to the other birthday boy anyway.  They told me who their dad was, which turned out to be my cousin’s son.

Gosh, aren’t those boys good lookin’?!

Thought for the Day Children should neither be seen nor heard from – ever again.   W.C. Fields

2 thoughts on “Relatives?

  1. Yes, they are very good looking! My nephew had a mohawk. When people would ask his mother why she let him wear his hair like that, her reply was that she “was going to pick her fights, and him looking like a fool wasn’t something she was going to argue with him about.”
    Actually, with those beautiful smiles, they look rather sweet.


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