Vermont Birch

Vermont Birch

The main reason for the two week road trip I mentioned in previous posts was to witness the fall colors in New England, called the annual “leaf peep” by the locals.  This photo was taken in Vermont near Wells, Vt.

By Columbus Day, the birch trees have already lost their leaves, but the hardwoods are just coming into their peak.  The white trunk on the birch makes for some interesting contrast with the red, green and amber leaves that remain on neighboring trees.  The late afternoon reflection in the pond added some drama to the scene.

In case you’re wondering, the bank on the right side of the photo is slate.  This area of Vermont and upstate New York is know for its slate, and this bank is remnants of a nearby slate mill.  A little known fact:  Granville, NY, about half mile west of this location is known as the “Red Slate Capital of the World”.  Not exactly a tourist trap.

Thought for the Day:  I hate television.  I hate it as much as I hate peanuts.  But, I can’t stop eating peanuts.   Orson Welles

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