Vermont Harvest

Farm Wagon

Scratch another one off my Bucket List, the fall colors of New England.  I found that catching the turning leaves at their peak can be a crap shoot, and a day or two either way can make a big difference.   Even in the same day, you can go from no fall colors to peak colors, just by seeing the other side of the mountain.  I felt fortunate to witness the beauty of the area.

I love the Vermont farms, and, quite frankly, very surprised at how rural the state is.  Lots of fields, but not very big ones, compared to the Midwest.  Like this photo shows, the corn fields are typically very small compared to the wooded hills surrounding it.  The contrast in color and terrain is breathtaking; this photo hardly does it justice.  What I like most about this picture is the red farm wagon near the corn field, which puts everything in perspective, and the leafless birch in the foreground provides depth to the image.

After the harvest comes Thanksgiving, which is only a day away.  Stop and take a moment to give thanks for all of your blessings.  I love this holiday: stuffing my pie hole with once-a-year culinary treats, loosening my belt, and watching football … Oh! … and sharing time with  the family.

Thought for the Day:  On Thanksgiving Day all over America, families sit down for dinner  at the same moment — halftime.  Unknown

One thought on “Vermont Harvest

  1. Beautiful photo. I’m glad you found such a great location to exploit your skills. New England is a wonderful place, and so is Nebraska. Thanks for leaving one to come see us at the other.

    We’ll be thankful tomorrow for our wonderful friends, especially you guys. And then, like a quantum set of paired electrons, we will be watching the Iowa game together, separated by over a thousand miles, you at 11am, and me at noon. Have a great Thanksgiving.


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