First Snow

Frosted Foot Bridge

The first snow of the year came yesterday.   Ugggh.  Geez, do we really need four seasons to make the calendar complete?  The first snow wasn’t just a preview either, not a dusting, not a warning of things to come.   No, it was the whole enchilada, 4-6″ of wet, heavy snow for the first storm of the year.

No matter when the first snow comes, or how big/small it is, the first storm is like deja vu all over again.  Everyone has to learn how to drive again; some are overly cautious, like they’ve never seen snow, and others drive like maniacs, like they’ve never seen snow.   How does this snow blower work again?  Geez, I knew I should have drained the gas out last spring.  Oh, my aching back.   Where did I put that windshield scraper?  Geez, these car seats are cold.  So that’s what my breath looks like.  Note to self: time to stock up on firewood, good books and brandy.

I took this picture the morning after the storm, mainly just to document the first sight of frosted tree branches, but I liked all of the intersecting lines of this foot bridge.  Some gung ho neighborhood association guy with a new snow plow must have got up early to check out his new toy and cleared the path.  Geez, who in their right mind would be out walking this morning?   

Oh, wait, I was out taking pictures.

Thought for the Day:  One kind word can warm three winter months.                Japanese Proverb

2 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. Nice that winter brings out the blacks and whites. Now you can save on all that Kodachrome you were going to buy at F.W. Woolworth. Enjoy your “early snow”. You realize it’s been a month and a half since New England got a ten inch dumping that brought down leaf laden trees. See you in a few weeks.


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