Flower Show


This is a photographer’s blog, so I guess there should be more photos than I’ve been putting up lately.  Last weekend I went to the annual flower show at St. Cecilia’s Cathedral. Whether you like flowers or not, the cathedral alone is a photographer’s dream — the architecture, statuary and artifacts provide endless “Kodak moments”.  I never get tired of going there.

St. Cecilia's statue

One of the artists covered St. Cecilia in hydrangeas.  The statue stands on a tall pedestal in the middle of the sanctuary.  I liked the way the statue was framed by the arches that separate the main sanctuary from the perimeter corridors.

Mary and the Christ Child

The abundance of vibrant colors in the floral arrangements was breath taking, but I found  the cathedral’s statuary held much more photographic interest for me.  Not being Catholic, I don’t always understand the significance of what I’m looking at, so I apologize in advance if I misidentify something.   In this particular image, I liked the way the shadows of the floral arrangement fell across the child’s face.  The shadow drew my attention to the face immediately, giving it some contrast and softening its features.

Joseph and Baby Jesus

The title of this photo is an assumption on my part.  The floral arrangement was an explosion of color, yet I was more attracted to the sculpture.  It looked like it was carved out of one huge mahogany tree.

Cope Cuff

The thick gold embroidery on the cuff of this Baronese Cope caught my eye.  The way it set off the rich purple fabric was stunning.  I’d never heard the word “cope” used in this context before,  thought it might be “cape” misspelled, so I looked it up.  Now that I have your attention, the dictionary states that a cope is “a long enveloping ecclesiastical vestment.”   (Hmmm, sounds like Webster’s way of saying “cape”.)

Suit of Armor

No flowers at all around this piece, but I like the way it was framed by the stained glass window.

Conquistador's Helmet

I really like this arrangement, just a little sprig of something green (?) to soften things up a bit.


Again, I’m assuming this is a sculpture of Mary, but maybe the scene on the window suggested that to me, and the two aren’t meant to be together.  I just thought the window and her expression made a poignant scene.

Thought for the Day: We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.   Jonathan Swift

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