Faith Journey

Faith Journey

I see a lot of symbolism in this image; if you have writer’s cramp and stare at it long enough your mind starts to wonder.  (Yes, wonder, not wander.)  What is faith?  There are so many very different religions in this world and they all have their devout worshipers, so strong in their faith that they are willing to kill/die for it.  Then, there is this  “faith journey” thing, what in the heck is that?   I begin to think about how to “measure” one’s faith, and who is it that sets the standards for a passing grade.  You know, all that sort of stuff is rolling around in my head and … (geez, get on with it, man, cut the sermon short and talk about the picture!)

Okay, okay, I just thought this image said a lot about faith journeys.  (I’ll pretend to know what that is.)  Where and how does a faith journey start?  Where does it end and how will I know?   What happens along the way?  What is the goal of the journey?  Is the door always open?  What part, if any, do others play in it?  Can I take a friend with me?  Are those rocks by the path meant to keep me on the path? … looks way too easy to lose your way.

In this photo, the path looks like it turns to the left about half way up the hill.  It does, it levels off and passes through a pair of sculptured lions guarding the path on each side.   (Hmm, what does that mean?)   At this point you think the path goes around the back of the hill where it will eventually wind its way up to the cross.  It doesn’t.  Its just a flat path that goes around the hill and returns you to the “lion’s gate”.  If you want to actually reach  the cross, you must find your own way up through the rocks and brambles.   (Geez, waaay too much symbolism here.)   Its a tough climb and not too many people actually make it.

Thought for the Day:  It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.        Confucius  (551 BC – 479 BC)

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