Desert Kites

kite flyer

The first stop on my photo safari was the Great Sand Dunes NP near Alamosa, CO.  Its a very interesting place, giant sand dunes in the middle of nowhere nestled up against the Rocky Mountains.

I was pleased to see people walking/hiking/playing on the dunes to provide some scale to the photos.  I especially liked the guy trying to fly his kite in the strong winds that whip around the dunes.  The picture was taken from the bank of Medano Creek, about 50′ wide and ankle deep.  From this point, its about a half mile walk across the flat stretch of sand to the base of the dunes.  The vertical ascent to the top of the dunes is approximately 800 feet, but you have to go down through many valleys before you reach the top–not a difficult climb, but very grueling.

From the top of the dunes you can see another 5-6 miles of dunes stretching into the back country.  Overall, the dunes cover approximately 30 square miles.  For other photos of the Great Sand Dunes, please visit my website by clicking here.  Thanks for reading my blog.

Thought for the Day:  I bought a cactus; a week later, it died.  And I got depressed, because I thought, Damn, I am less nurturing than a desert.   Demetri Martin

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