Hopi Point

Hopi Point, looking east

When I left Great Sand Dunes NP, I headed west on US 160.  After a brief stop at Four Corners, I proceeded on to the Grand Canyon.  The first night I was there I went to Hopi Point which is one of the premier sites for watching the sun go down.  There must have been well over 200 people there, all bundled up against the gusting wind and dropping thermometer.

This shot was taken about 30 minutes before sunset, looking east.  Then I turned my camera around and waited for the sun to fall over the horizon.

Hopi Point, sunset

This shot is looking west …  Duh, the sun is setting.  You can see the Colorado River in the lower right of the photo, over 2000 feet below the rim.

I’m still working through the 350 shots I took during the two nights I was at the Grand Canyon, but expect to cover the mule rides in my next blog.  See you in a couple days, thanks for reading my blog.

Thought for the Day:  Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature.                                            Cicero  (106-43 BC)

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