Soooo Big!

James, 4 months

You know the game that mothers play with their infant:  She holds the little tyke’s hands while he faces her and asks, “How big is James?”.   Then, while raising the baby’s hands high above his head, she answers her own question in a high pitched voice, “Soooo Big”.  Sometimes the baby laughs and sometimes they just stare at their mom with a look that says, “Seriously?”

I had my own version of that on the Fourth of July when I take the annual measurement of all the grandkids to see how much they’ve grown.   The record of each year’s growth is scribbled on the yard stick(s) nailed to the wall.  The newest grandson is only 4 months old so his dad hung him upside down while I took his measurement.

Accuracy is questionable, but at least he made his initial mark on the wall, and became part of the tradition along with his brother and five cousins.  I love this holiday.

Thought for the Day:  I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve (or save) the world and a desire to enjoy (or savor) the world.  That makes it hard to plan the day.   E. B. White

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