Sun Worship

Sun Worship

The last month of oppressive heat and especially the last four days being over 100 degrees reminded my of this chap getting an early start on his sun tan back in February.  But, wait, there’s more to this story than just a pretty picture.

When I came upon this scene, I was struck by the blue sky, red rock and white trees (Aspen?) that hadn’t leafed out yet.  I thought the contrast was remarkable, and I liked the way the scene was framed by the overhanging branch.  I didn’t even notice the sunbather when I took this shot.

I was checking my shot to see if I got the reflection of the red cliff in the water below when I noticed the sunbather.  Crap!  How long would I have to wait for him to leave so I could get this shot au natural so to speak.  He must have noticed me about the same time I noticed him, and I sensed we both were disappointed in each other’s presence.

I waited for a few minutes, pretending to frame other shots in other directions at various angles.  Geez, I didn’t want him to think I was some sort of Peeping Tom.  I was hoping his lily white complexion couldn’t take too much of this intense sun so I wouldn’t have to play the waiting game with him.  It wasn’t long before he stood up to leave.   That’s when I noticed he was naked.

Well, okay then.  At that point I said the heck with the nature shot, I already got it.

Thought for the Day:  One day as I came home early from work, I saw a guy joggin naked.  I said to the guy, “Hey buddy … why are you doing that for?”   He said, “Cuz, you came home early.”     Rodney Dangerfield

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