Urban Cowboy

Urban Cowboy

I met this fellow in  a Mesa, Arizona.  He worked at a place that was part museum, part living history and part tourist trap.  I found this guy in one of the barns; he said he was one of the docents, but I ‘spect he was closer to a real gen-U-wine cowboy than he was a weekend volunteer.

For one thing, he was reluctant to have his picture taken, and he was shy, with a sort of aw-shucks kind of personality.  But he had this quiet confidence about him that told me he’s saddled a few horses in his time, maybe even kicked by a few.

We talked for a while.  Before long, I could tell this guy wasn’t out of  Central Casting, but just a kind-hearted soul who loved horses and his casual live-and-let-live lifestyle.  He wasn’t about puttin’ on airs, what you saw was what you got — take it or leave it.  He was comfortable in his own skin and didn’t need my approval to be happy.

Hats off to this guy.

Thought for the Day:  Depend not on another, but lean instead on thyself … True happiness is born on self-reliance.   The laws of Manu  (Ancient Hindu Scripture, circa 500 BC)

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