Giant Pinwheels

Giant Pinwheel

This is what I imagine whenever I see one of these majestic windmills out in the middle of a farmer’s field, a giant pinwheel.  Look closely and you might see the wind hiding in a big puffy cloud.  I never get bored seeing these colossal wind machines spread across the Iowa farmland, but I know some people see them as eyesores.

Maybe we could solve that problem by having a nation-wide art contest and turn the windmills into pieces of art.  Why not?  Towns paint their water towers.  Businesses pay to have their name plastered across a big ugly billboard.  Replace the billboards with energy-producing windmills.  Think of the possibilities: plain, solid colors, stripes, polka dots, tie-dye, plaids, florescent, psychodelic, themes, advertisements, local school colors, and so on.

Just think, how cool would it be to have the official Iowa Hawkeye windmill in your north 40?!

Thought for the Day:  Nothing happens unless first a dream.   Carl Sandburg

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