4th Birthday

This picture was taken 62 years ago today.  Yeh, its me, you do the math.  Quite a little butterball back then, “chubby” as my Mom likes to say.  I must have put the candles on the cake myself.  Looks like I had a stylish amount of axle grease on my hair ( “Brylcreme — a little dab will do ya”).  Geez, I still comb my hair that way … without the axle grease of course, and I have the same amount of hair.

This photo was in such good shape that it didn’t take much to make it “blog-worthy”.   The photo is plenty clear to notice my boots, which I don’t remember ever wearing, and the scuffed toes from trying to stop my trike.  Unfortunately, the photo is also sharp enough to clearly see my snappy trousers and fashionable flannel shirt.  It doesn’t get much better than this.

I don’t remember much about this photo — didn’t even know it existed until I found it in an   old album a year ago.  I don’t even know where the photo was taken.  The shadow is my Dad taking the picture.  Come to think of it, he was quite a camera bug too, mostly to document “major” events in life … like my 4th birthday.    I’m glad he thought this photo was a keeper.

Thought for the Day:  A child is a curly, dimpled lunatic.   Ralph Waldo Emerson

9 thoughts on “Butterball

  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday! I love this picture and wish I could remember more about it, too. We lived in Huskerville then, but the background reveals houses, not barracks. Not Grandma’s in Arapahoe, either, or Aunt Glennie’s in Omaha. Perhaps, it was a friend’s house in Lincoln. At any rate, you are the main attraction and I’m so glad to see Dad’s shadow there, too. He was so proud of you!




  2. Cowboy boots?  Where’s the hat?  Yeah, I noticed the pockets right away. Don’t recognize the background. Of course, I wasn’t even born then. Where did Harv and Alene live in 1950? Nice job.


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