Bass River Bridge

Bass River Bridge

This image is a stylized photo of the bridge that crosses the Bass River in Cape Cod, MA.  I stylized the image by emphasizing the blues in the water and sky and brought out the rich color in the bridge’s pilings.

The Bass River flows south into the Atlantic Ocean about a mile to the left of the camera, and is affected by tides.  I thought the pilings were very interesting, so close together, a canoe could hardly pass through the pilings, let alone an ocean-going ship.  But, there is a wide open span in the middle and the bridge deck draws up to allow large ships to come and go.

On the west end of the bridge is the town of Yarmouth, MA, founded in 1639.  I wonder how old the bridge is.

Thought for the Day:  If you live to be 100 you’ve got it made.  Very few people die past that age.   George Burns.

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