Color Run

Color Run Starting Line

I shot the Color Run in Des Moines, IA this weekend, a large charity event held in many cities around the country.  The Des Moines’ event raised money for “Variety”, a children’s charity.  (Hmmm, pretty vague description.)   Cold and dreary day, but it didn’t stop the runners from having fun.

Starting off Clean

All runners started the race with clean white T-shirts.

Waiting to Start

Over 27,000 entrants gathered at Iowa’s State Capitol to begin the race in waves of 1,000.

They’re Off!

A cold breezy overcast day, with temps in the low 40’s gave the runners plenty to celebrate as they finally got off the starting line.

First Wave Finishes

The first wave began arriving back at the finish line long before many runners even reached the starting line.

No Longer White

The 5K (3 miles) course took runners through 4-5 “color stations”, which meant they were bombarded with colored powder.   They were welcomed at the finish line with even more colored “bombs”.

Proud Finishers

Finishers wore their no-longer white, multi-colored shirts with pride.  The crowd behind them are waiting to start — notice their clean white shirts.

Young Runner

The youngest runners certainly had their share of fun too, enjoying the spectacle of running through colored dust.

Color Run Survivors

Thought for the Day:  Charity sees the need, not the cause.   German Proverb

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