Future Olympian

Where’s the snow?!   The lack of snow did not deter this dedicated young lad from his training on the ski jump in Park City, UT.  While visiting Olympic Park in late September, I was surprised to find the place a buzz of activity.  I assumed that after the Winter Olympics in 2002 this venue would be just another winter ski area, but was pleasantly surprised to find it a training center for Olympic hopefuls.

Ski Jumper in Training Pants

This young lad was practicing hard on his technique, coming off a plastic-lined jump that was watered down and landing on what looked like a roof top shingled with plastic brooms that was also watered.  After coming to rest on the flat blue-grass lawn below, he would remove his skis and trudge up the hill and do it again … and again … and again.

Olympian Hopeful

The lad was even younger than I had imagined when I saw him soaring through the air, couldn’t have been more than 10.  I thanked him for letting me take his picture, told him to keep working hard and that our country needed more Olympian champions.  He responded, “Yes, we do”.  I liked his grit.

Thought for the Day:  Consider the postage stamp, my son.  It secures success through its ability to stick to one thing until it gets there.   Josh Billings

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