Dumb as a Post

Fence Post

Have you ever heard that expression, “Dumb as a post”?   I’ve heard it, but never really thought about it, knowing of course, that a fence post is an inanimate object and can’t possibly have much sense.

Look closely at this fence post.  Does it look very smart to you?  Would you say its intelligence is above or below average (its certainly not your average fence post)?  The beveled top tells me its smart enough to not let rainwater collect on its head.  But what’s with all the decoration, the bling, the extra-long rusted bolt through its head?!  Is it trying to make a statement, separate itself from the rest, stand out in the crowd?

Well, it certainly caught my attention, the only one in a half-mile of 3-wire fence that had these accessories.  Farmers and ranchers are practical people and wouldn’t put a bolt in the top of a fence post for no reason.  Why is it so long?   Judging from the length of the threads on the bolt, there must have been something fairly thick attached at one time.  But what?   And, what is that big flat plate on the bolt’s head for?

Hmmm, guess I’ll think twice  before calling someone, “dumb as a post”.

Thought for the Day:  He doesn’t know the meaning of fear.  In fact, I just saw his grades and he doesn’t know the meaning of a lot of words.    Urban Meyer, football coach

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