Christmas Traditions

Cutting the Christmas Tree
Cutting the Christmas Tree

Traditions change over time.  The definition of the word “tradition” is: the handing down of customs from one generation to another.  Hmmm, if that’s the case, my grown children are probably very confused because during my married life our tradition of the Christmas tree has seen at least four different versions:  1) buying one from grocery store (most often turning into a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree look-a-like), 2) cutting our own from local tree farms (cold and miserable, but what a memory for the kids), 3) decorating a grapefruit tree from our sun room (easy to string lights, but no place to hang bulbs),  4) decorating an overgrown Norfolk Pine that lived in our sun room (easier said than done), and 5) cutting one from our own back yard (see picture above).

The cute little fir tree got too big for the flower garden, so we decided to recycle it into our living room for the Christmas season.  It was shirtsleeve weather in America’s heartland so cutting conditions were ideal.  Plus, the trunk was a mere 1.5 ” in diameter, making the extraction a non-event.  The big challenge was getting the tree into the house.

Tight Fit
Tight Fit

For such a small tree I sure had a tough time getting it into the house; it looked so small in the flower bed.  What am I doing wrong?  Oh well, no more trees left in the yard, so next year we’ll be on to tradition number 6.

Thought for the Day:  USA Today has come out with a new survey.  Apparently 3 out of 4 people make up 75 percent of the population.   David Letterman

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