Huskerville Fast-Pitch Softball Team, 1950
Huskerville Fast-Pitch Softball Team, 1950

Moms are special.  Not because they are fantastic cooks, not because they bake your favorite pie on your birthday, not because they know how to darn socks, not because they have ESP, and not because they were the ace pitcher on the town fast-pitch softball team.  Moms are special because of their unconditional love; they make you feel like you are the most important thing in the world.

Moms are sneaky too.  I learned a lot from my Mom without ever realizing it until I was out on my own.  You know when your Dad is teaching you something; there is no doubt in your mind when your Dad teaches you a lesson.  But Mom’s lessons were more subtle, like how to dress.  I’m not talking about how to tie your shoes or zip your coat, but that plaids don’t mix with polka dots, and wearing socks a lighter color than your pants is a no-no, etc.  Everything I learned about etiquette, manners and other social graces (like opening doors for ladies — chivalry is not dead) came from my Mom.

My Mom always helped me look beyond my current troubles to brighter days ahead, “Tomorrow will be a better day,”  she’d say.  I always think of her when I’m dealing with adversity: Yeah, this is nothin’, just get through this and tomorrow will be a better day.  She had a way of lifting your emotions through the valleys as well as keeping you grounded as you soared over the peaks.

Thought for the Day:  Tomorrow will be a better day.   Alene E. Headley,  1920 – 2012

One thought on “Mom

  1. You are so right. As I got older and now that I am really older I find myself saying “Mom did it this way or Mom always said”. I’m glad I had her influence in my life.


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