Limerick, Ireland
Limerick, Ireland

Do you like limericks?  I find them light-hearted, humorous and refreshing.  I’ve tried writing a few in my time, but found they’re not as easy to write as they are to read; its difficult to find three rhyming words that can be used in the same context.   I marvel at people creative enough to end the limerick’s first line with “Nantucket”.

The word itself, “limerick”, even sounds funny.  Say it out loud over and over several times, and you begin to wonder where the word came from.  Words like “lime”, “lick” and “ecchhh” come to mind and all sorts of crazy images begin to form.  I don’t write limericks, I just enjoy them.

So, when I found this utility pole in the middle of a residential street in Limerick, Ireland, I was more amused than shocked.  Where else, but in Limerick?  I could just see the construction crew: several big burly men , standing around the hole, waiting for instructions with puzzled looks on their faces that said, “Seriously?”  The foreman–a tiny little man with red hair, dressed in a green suit with pointed shoes that curled up at the toe (soft toe, not steel-toed), a soft green felt hat (no hard hat) and a mischievous twinkle in his eye–saying, “Yes!  Right there, we’re all out of  ‘no parking’ signs”.

Thought for the Day:  The learned fool writes his nonsense in better language than the unlearned, but it is still nonsense.   Ben Franklin

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