Giant Oak
Giant Oak

Talk about a commanding presence!  The symmetry of this giant oak tree caught my attention right away; the size of it took a while to notice.  From the parking lot, a half mile away, this tree drew my eye away from everything else on the landscape.  It was a good ten minute walk before I was standing underneath the tree and realized how big it was.

Located just outside Park City, UT, the site is a restored dairy farm used for educational purposes.  The tree is not the drawing card here, but it kept my attention longer than the workings of the dairy farm.  The branches from this tree spread out approximately 100′ in all directions; you can’t appreciate its size until you stand beneath its canopy.  It felt to me like a 3-ring circus could fit under it.

The natural symmetry of the tree is what struck me as truly remarkable.  From a distance, like this photo, the tree looks the same viewed from all points on the compass.  The tree is not going to make anybody’s Top Ten List of things to see in Park City, but it was definitely picture-worthy.   I like the way it dominates the landscape.

Thought for the Day:  A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books.   Walt Whitman

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