Latest Addition


Meet Ava Marie, less than a day old, my newest grandchild making eight all together.  This little bundle of joy weighed in at a not-so-petite 8.25 lbs; her feet are so long her foot print extends beyond the borders of the hospital’s label.  She’s resting peacefully here, having just ate.  Ava and her Mom are doing fine, both a little tuckered out right now.

bad-hair day
bad-hair day

Look at all that hair!  I can’t get over how thick and long it is.  She didn’t waste any time having her first bad-hair day, but I don’t expect her to have too many of those.  With Ava being the first granddaughter on her Mom’s side, only the third granddaughter out of eight on her Dad’s side, and both sides living in town, Ava will get plenty of attention.

After seven other grandkids, one might think number eight is no big deal, but it just keeps getting more and more exciting.  I am so blessed.

Thought(s) for the Day:  Children are poor men’s riches.   English Proverb

A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.    Carl Sandburg

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