Down Time


Down Time
Down Time

The phrase, “down time”, is little-used anymore.  Down time used to mean unproductive time; i.e. lost time due to injury, equipment failure, power outage, fire drill, etc.

Multi-media devices, allowing greater mobility brought on multi-tasking, which virtually eliminated “down time”.  Laptops, cell phones, smart phones, fax machines, and internet access from anywhere have made down time a thing of the past.  There is always something productive you can do.  And if you’re not doing two things at once, at least two things, you’re a slacker.

Nowadays, I can think of only one example of down time:  while coloring Easter eggs, every cup of dye is already cookin’ a hard boiled egg, and there are no more eggs.  Now, THAT’S down time.

Thought for the Day:   Determine never to be idle …It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.  Thomas Jefferson

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