Young Love

circa early 1940's
circa early 1940’s

I found this photo in an old, worn and dilapidated family photo album, one that was either popular and reviewed often or stashed away in the dark corner of a basement where the mice enjoyed making nests.  The photo was in really bad shape; I cleaned it up a little, but it still needs a lot of work.

It’s a photo of my Mom and Dad, probably taken at some carnival on the east coast somewhere.  They were either engaged or newly married when this photo was taken.  Perhaps it was one last fling before my Dad shipped out.  Looks like they were having a good time.   Anyway, they did an excellent job of getting their heads clear through the holes cut in the painting so it looked as real as possible.  Especially my Dad, it looks like he even popped his ears through the hole.

Amazing what you find in old family photo albums.  How are my descendants going to find gems like this in the age of digital storage?  

Thought for the Day:  I love being married.  It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.   Anonymous

One thought on “Young Love

  1. You bring up a really good argument for printing out your primo photos, especially the genealogically relevant ones.


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